A Commedia dell’Arte weekend workshop is a short “full immersion”, where the interested parties – whether professional or amateur – experienced the theater by the Commedia dell’Arte in a novel for him way.
In the Commedia dell’Arte are the figures, masks, archetypes, universal archetypes of humanity, which are evident everywhere beyond language; the actors juggle with their body language as well as with their words and are authors of their own texts; the stories that impromptu comedies that have come down to us historically – the famous Canovacci – are perfect and exciting action sequences, but no one knows who wrote it … One discovers a world of theater with “other” rules, where actresses of today their knowledge in question provide in order to then develop completely new intuitions and their talents.
The goal of the first workshop is at the participants curiosity – even better, greed – to awaken to the Commedia dell’Arte. This is followed by an endless consolidation may follow: Several 3 – Day workshops or 2 – weeks workshop, but it is just through these successive “full immersion” possible that we will offer the participants the means, this complex form of theater really get to know and to penetrate. In other words, after the first workshop, a tutorial is tailored to each participant.
These are also the reasons why we try to keep the fees low for each workshop: Prices should not prevent interested parties and lovers, the Commedia dell’Arte deepen, but the goal is to control it like a champion!