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        1. *** SUMMER 2016 ****

      1. ! ! ! Commedia dell’Arte Summer Academy in Italy ! ! !

Understand and play the Commedia dell’Arte, speziales daily yoga and voice training for actors…


Via Salette 2 , 65010 Collecorvino (PE) Italy

from Saturday, 23th to Sunday 31th July 2016

Direction Alberto Fortuzzi

Nel Blu-kleinAGRITURISMO „nel Blu!!

And if you look to the left:

IMG_20141224_114335-1           One of the most beautiful regions of Italy and Europe,                with 5 national parks

The sea is only 20 km away (to the right and then straight 😉

IMG_20150214_111230Agriturismo „nel Blu!“, view from the la terrace

The participation fee is 440,- €

The fee includes the following services:

– The course of Commedia dell’Arte (5 hours a day)

– The course Yoga and Voice for actors (1,5 Stunden per day)

For more information about accommodation and meals please write to me: afortuzzi@web.de

Commedia dell’Arte is an archaic stage training for the actor of today …!

Commedia dell’Arte is the basis for the modern Comedy, Improvisation, Slapstick, Clown, Story telling

and any form of fun and grotesques Theaters

The Commedia dell’Arte is the key to master the craft of Shakespeare, Molière, Goldoni, Goethe, Schiller, Mozart, Rossini, Pirandello, Brecht, Dario Fo …

The Commedia opens our stage sensitivity, developed our acting craft and talent
… For actors, singers, directors, theater studies, theater lovers …

¡Discover the Commedia dell’Arte!